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    Hello every body, Moto here, just wanted to say hi and that i just finished my first moto bicycle ride after building my first moto bicycle. "not over 20 mph mind you" Did not know what to expect, put it was the most fun i have had with my cloths in a very very long time. not sure what the 80cc motor i put on there was supposed to sound like on break in. if anyone can give advise on this that would be great. Also how the heck do you get that rear sprocket where it does not wable on a coaster break system.:thinking:

    So look forward to talking with you all and happy moto biking.
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    You want to open the hole on the sprocket. And you ought to do it immediately.
    If you've got wobble going on, then you're in danger of that chain being thrown off.
    And that puts you in danger of drive-train seize at speed.

    this is something you want to avoid.

    You could probably get a machinist to widen that hole pretty cheap.

    I used my jig saw. I went slowly and made sure to get it just as close to on-center as I could. And it seems to be good enough.

    Good luck, have fun and tell us more about your bike and your rides. We can't get enough.
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    I'm hearing what your saying and i did that i think it has more to do with the bolt tention. i tightened them in a star pattern but i just cant seem to get it right.
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    Welcome to the forum. I'm looking forward riding my "not over 20mph" mobike up Washington St to see if it is still faster than riding the new light rail. Cheers