Hello guys, a few quick questions about my build

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by slaquers, Apr 11, 2010.

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    Hello, I am a student in the MD area and need transportation.

    I am thinking of getting a bike with both front fork suspension, and rear suspension independent of the frame (motor will be fine). Or maybe just a BMX bike with a rear shock/spring. Not sure yet.

    Was wondering if anyone had recomendations on the bike I use for my first motor?

    I am getting a 49cc motor from GEBE I think. Going to buy a sprocket that will allow for a bit higher top speeds (maybe +3mph). Also want to eventually experiment with small shots of N2o, but not sure yet (for acceleration). I will be using this bike to get to and from school so in the busy MD area near DC so I must have acceleration as well as top end, but stay below 50cc (marked). I want to mill / bore / polish the head, upgrade/fabricate most of the gaskets, replace all screws, bolts, studs, and possibly more.

    One thins I really want to know about is a shift kit, I know this will violate some law but I just want to know about it incase I build a extra bike for trail use, how much do these cost and do the add an extra element to a bike, especially trail bike?

    My budget for the bike is about $1400, or 700 for each maybe.
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  2. professor

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    From what I read here, the GEBE set-up is well thought of. Rack mount is ideal for full suspension.
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    What about a shift kit? Used to ride Honda bikes (dirt) and like to have at least that, even if it is nothing like the real thing.