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    Hello Motored Bikes Fans!

    I am currently working on building my first motored bike.

    It's a Firmstrong CA520 (kind of like cheap Electra Townie knock-off) with an HS 4 stroke engine kit. So far I have had the challenges of getting the engine mounted and the rear sprocket drive sprocket properly centered. Then there was the small inconvenience of the pedals hitting the engine crankcase - I had to convert the bike crank from a 1-piece to a 3-piece in order to resolve it. Then there was the fact that the 7-speeds of the bike were not so useful, since the bike was much heavier now and my new front sprocket (with the widen pedals 3-piece crank) was larger, making the gearing even taller. So I had to find a front sprocket from a child's bike, and with a bit of welding and grinding I've made it work, and now I have 7 useful speeds again. Currently, I am working on a springer fork for it, which is a further challenge since the bike has a really long head tube, and the commonly available springer kits end up with some strange geometry -- so a few more modifications with the grinder and welder. :)

    What a great hobby!



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    Welcome aboard, sprocket.

    It sounds as though you are either already a capable MB builder or you're quite close to it.

    So you'll want to tell us more about your bike. We can't get enough of that.

    see you around.
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