hello i am dino, new guy with his first project

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  1. dino27

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    Hello everyone

    My name is Dino and I am realy happy to be here

    First, I want to thank whoever create this community, he makes everyone happier and there life essayer!

    I am an ex go kart racer, and since I don't race anymore I hope I will find it as a nice replacement...
    I am 23 years old, live in London and want to have my motored bike :)

    I would be very happy for any advice and any idea you have to give me!

    Thank you
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  2. q999

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    welcome dino

    your off to a good start....
    there's lots of good information to be found here...enjoy......
    and good luck...
  3. schulze 123

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    Hi Dino,
    Welcome to the group and if you research the threads here I'm sure all your question will be answered.

    Cheers BJ