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    I am from Sherwood Park in Alberta Canada its a suburb of the city of Edmonton.So i am new to this whole motorized bike thing. i just have a problem with braking. so it takes like 30 s to brake this is dangerous because once i ran a red light because of this and stopped in the middle of the road and slightly hit a pick up truck ,luckily nothing happened . i just need to know how do you brake properly

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    Well....even cheap-o brakes ought to do better than that. Unless you were really flying when you tried to stop. If that's the case, then you need to start riding a bit easier.

    But if you were going at some moderate pace, then it sounds to me like your brakes need some adjustment. Maybe some new pads.

    Do you know your way around a bicycle well enough to do this? If not, then this site will be helpful to you: