Hello I am sidiousdog Donovan

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    Hello Brothers n sisters of the open road , I am sidiousdog Donovan n I am finally got the chance too build my two wheeled mini IRONHORSE .
    what I have is a H-D choPPer shwinn n got a killer deal on a Briggs n Stratton 2.6 HP motor .
    its not the god chariot I tend too build when I gets the chance TToo do it,but none the less ,it's my mini horse that I get to make it too my degree of badd ass. So ill be asking lots of ???'s about it as I progress in my project,well there you have it I gots to go be the American gypsy freak that I am....Blessings

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    Welcome to the forum. You chopper sounds like a fun build. My wife always watches the Gypsy wedding reality shows.