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    Ive always had love and fascination on motor operated vehicles as a kid, especially vehicles that i could drive at my age. I planned at first to make a home-made motor bike from a 5hp horizontal shaft engine, but that involved too much work. So i purchased a 48cc Grubee Skyhawk bike kit from gasbike.net. The instructions were brutal and i put on the rear tire wrong 3 times. That later lead to the breaking of my chain. So finally after i got that done, i took my first pedal and released the clutch! I was off in no time! I guess i am now a part of the motorized bike community :
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    Welcome, Ben! You've found a good place here. Your bike looks good. You're gonna have a lot of fun, brother!
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    I guess i am now a part of the motorized bike community :

    and just thank what you learned, and wont make the same mistakes.
    like your MB and welcome
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    Welcome to the forum. I guess you don't read Mandarin.
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    You will discover that you'll always be searching for ways to make your bike better.