Hello! I have been wanting to motorize a bike for a long time!

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    When I moved out to Denver several years ago, I noticed they had an awesome culture for modifying bicycles. I didn't see too many ones with engines, and I thought "why not do that?"

    I currently have a Giant Stiletto bike(I looked for a more specific way to word it, but the first result on Google worked). It feels like it has a pretty sturdy frame, and I want to motorized it, but I don't know what kind of engine I should get for its size. I don't mind getting more bang for my buck.

    Another question: Where is a good place to acquire a low rider chopper frame that would be sturdy enough to place a somewhat larger motor on? I'd like to eventually build a bike Frankenstein style, so where can I get a good frame?

    Thank you!
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    Welcome, if I were you I would get a Chinese happy times engine or kit from eBay. You can then mod the **** out of it and make it look good and purrrrr like a kitty. About the chopper I would say craigslist and maybe eBay .

    My 0.02