Hello, Im bideronit because I get stuff at auctions.

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    I'm really thankful for all the info and mostly and the testing.
    This is going to be my first build.
    I'm turning more to the friction drive method.
    So looking into a seller on ebay from Canada I found the best deals.
    Heres a URL link to two adds I found. These are the only ones on Ebay the include a friction kit with the motor and the rest of it.



    These are advertised as Honda replicas. The red one look like the Honda gx35

    So I'm going to get the four stroke and see how it goes unless anyone has already had a really bad experience.


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    First of all, I have no experience with the kits you are showing, other than seeing them advertised on e bay. I will say that the Honda replica (clone) is not a clone of the GX series. They are 4 stroke, and the one shown is a 2 stroke. I guess Honda did make a 2 stroke a while back. I read about it, but don't remember the details.

    That being said, also keep in mind that some of the Honda clones are pretty nice little engines.

    Oops, my bad....finally got on your second link. Could be a clone of the GX31 Honda too. Nice little engine....have one on a screeder. If it is an accurate copy of the Honda, it can run all position too.
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    The cetrafusal clutch isnt the same it has its own setup from what Ive learned.