Hello! Im kaeli khaos.

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    a brief intro of me. Im mid 20s, and im a trans female from canada. I love building and being a backyard inventor. I have built a few bikes in the last year or so, but my main project, my personal bike, has taken precedence.
    I will detail my build in the build forums. as this is just an intro.

    im always willing to give advice or help someone if my skills or knowledge fits the bill.
    im all self taught, and i end up fabbing random parts i need, out of whatever i can get. im pretty good at visualizing it and just building it. that is unless its needlessly complicated( which im sure all of us do sometimes) then ill draw some drafts.

    nice to meet everyone hope to share in knowledge and experience with you.:D

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    Welcome to the forum. Khaos is a good description for the MAB community.