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  1. musical25

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    Hey what's up I recently purchased a grubee flying horse 66cc engine kit and am waiting to recieve it. I'm pretty good as far as mechanical knowledge but still consider myself a novice at best. So any help would be appreciated.

  2. professor

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    You came to the right place. Welcome to Motoredbikes! Hey -I am putting a new top on a Gibson guitar- we are both in the same situation!
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    Hi Matt, welcome to the madness. Since this is your first build do us all a favor..(more so for you)...and do some reading/asking as to what "should" be done to the engine as it comes out of the box. Also tips on instillation. I have mine and others have theirs...absorb them and spit out what method you want to use. Many of these methods will alleviate the majority for minor and some major problems down the road enabling you more carefree hours of riding.
  4. andrew88rmz

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    Whats up man! Installing the kit is pretty straightfoward. Look around the site and read about some of the preventitive measures. Like using locktite on everything. They are simple to do, take a little time, but you wont be stranded on the side of the road messing with your bike.
  5. musical25

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    So, I'm going to put this kit on my mtb gary fisher mamba I think I got in '00
    A couple questions:
    Are disc brakes absolutely necessary or can I get away with v?
    Does anyone know of a freewheel that will fit a standard 26 inch hub?
    As, I want to make it a 3 speed.
  6. andrew88rmz

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    Im not sure about the free wheel but v brakes are plenty. My bike runs about 40 and all i have is a coaster brake!