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    My name is Pat, I am an electronics engineer with a bit of mechanical knowhow. I have a number of disabilities, both physical & mental.....lol

    I used to build bikes as a kid & motorbikes when I was a bit older. I have a continuing interest in all things electrical, electronic & mechanical. Given a decent workshop & the right tools I can build just about anything.

    Sadly, I am somewhat limited physically, the bottom half of my spine is mainly metalwork & 'other people's bone' as the surgeon put it. Mentally I'm OK as long as I keep on taking the tablets.......ho hum.

    I am currently designing a motor/gearbox/electronics to motorise my mountain bike. I want something bespoke rather than a 'one size fits all' solution, why....Because I can, & with the bike motorised I can have the confidence to ride it knowing that I can get home on the motor if my health fails me.

    I am happy to talk to anyone who might need help in the areas where I have some knowledge provided that they realise some things can be dangerous. If something is dangerous, it is up to you to take proper precautions before you start. I will not be held responsible for people doing stupid things or for taking risks with things or in areas where they have no competence.

    Recently the lady who comes in to cut my hair was mowing her lawn. Suddenly her motor mower was jammed by a stone. She proceeded to un-jammed her mower. As she removed the stone that had caused the jam, the mower removed her finger......Ouch!!

    The moral of this little story is; 'Think before you act'. A bicycle chain & sprocket can remove your finger almost as neatly as a motor mower, Power tools can make even more of a mess, & electricity can kill you.

    I'm sorry, I am sure that I am preaching to the converted.

    Best regards to you all,

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