hello intro and some old bikes

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  1. dave420

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    One project became several ..
    Id hate to jinx myself with plans just to change my mind.
    btw 1961 Sears JC Higgins with mismatched pedals and husky 11guage steel wheels. I wanted to put a springer on it put worry about tank clearance

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  2. dave420

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    Westfield Carnival -unknown year under construction


    nos jc higgins stem.. handlebars five bucks cl
    i dig the gothic peaked fenders no chainguard or horn tank - yet
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    welcome! 420 Yeah!
  4. dave420

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    Thanks Bchcruizer.
    49 cc HS is my latest scheme for the '61. Disc brake, banana seat.

    Westfield engine maybe 2 stroke..and a springer fork.
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  6. dave420

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    hi guys

    i looked up my westfields bithday 1949 ser no M441604
    and i put my ralleigh sport wheels aw hub on the 61
    Thanks for the feedback


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  7. dave420

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    pic of 61 blurry - close up of hub
  8. dave420

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    this is my dd .. left in garage since early 90s

    mongoose dynametric 525
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    love all your old bikes.
    if you will go to photobucket.com sign up for free account.
    install photobucket.com desktop
    you can have your pictures on your post without having to click on them.
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    All pictures can be displayed inline, you can change the settings in your profile to display all images inline. (I changed your setting Sam, so now you should see pictures inline everywhere on the forum!)
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    I love the tank with headlights.
  13. dave420

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    some old bikes lol creative

    bikes with no engines..thanks
    ill repost with an engine on one of them
  14. dave420

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    recent pic

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  15. dave420

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    current pic

    waiting on 49cc hshttp://i1150.photobucket.com/albums/o619/762X51dave/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20151001_220319_zps95zgysgx.jpg
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  17. dave420

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    4g trans sold out everywhere
    one salesperson told me a hs will not fit in my 1954 columbia..heh glad that one will be 2 stroke (48cc)
    my 1949 westfield in waiting for a trans..id shell out for an EZ setup but trans can only be one speed
    maybe i should be laughed at when explaining the engine i finally got..nah what a ****..dax maybe