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    Howdy from Texas. My name is Tim a.k.a. timmyP. I am new to this forum as you all well know . Thing is I'm pretty much new to any forum. Now, why am I here you ask., Well I have a couple of Whizzers I don't know exactly what to do with. Let me explain. A couplle of years ago I was a contractor working in th S.F.Bay area and ran across a Whizzer Dealer that was going out of business. Well he wasn't going totallly out of business, just the Whizzer business. I said to my self, self this here is interesting considering Whizzer went out of business when I was a child. Thinking to myself what this guy been doing for the past 50 years as a Whizzer dealerwhen they aint been no whizzers built during that time. So I assummed (youknow what that means that he must be restoring old whizzers and selling them. Well my curuosity got the best of me so I went over to his place and low and behold there sat 2 whizzers.looking brand new Istruck up a conversation and I found out the Whizzer was being manufactured again by a company not to far from my home in Texas Anyway, He said his primary business had gotten too busy so he was getting out of the whizzer business We talked a few more minutes and I ended up buying the both of em right there. Those were the last one's he had. he even threw in a cute little Whizzer sign. So that's how I came to be here. With just a little missing out of the middle.Time went by, my job ran out, etc and now I'm back in Texas with 2 whizzers and wondering what to do with them.I did a search on the internet, found your site and the rest is history Well, I'm sureyou all are tired of reading this by now so, I'll make a couple more remarks and close. first, I use to have a good bit of mechanical ability but most of it got lost along with my typing skills whe I recently had a stroke. So now I'mtrying to see if I can relearn some of it. and
    adapt or do some minor modifications to these whizzers so I can enjoy them again or give it up and sell them. Anywayi,'ll be looking to you guys for info and advise to see if I can do this or if I should go ahead and sellthem (I can't do much pedalling anymore. Thanks in advance Stay tuned youll be hearing from me.If and whe You all get tired of me just let me know and I'll drop out Tim
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    Welcome aboard.

    I suppose that if you can't pedal, then you're not a good candidate for a motored bike.
    A pity.

    But maybe you can regain that ability, if only a little bit, with some practice?
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    welcome :cool2:
    most guys don't ever need to pedal
    that's what the engine is for
    my pedals get used to get me home when I break something engine related
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    Welcome TimmyP. I'm neighboring yoou in Arkansas. I hate that you would think of selling both. I would at least keep one formyself! Like azbill said "Most guys don't need to pedal." I sometimes have issues in the morning when it is cold out but once your going, pedaling is not an issue. Sorry to hear about the stroke but this may be a great rehabilitation for you. Keep us posted and once again, WELCOME!
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    Mr TimmyP, Welcome. I too am new to this gig, but what got me going was my memories of the guys with their Whizzers in the 50's. A little surfing on the computer , found my kit and finished my first build about a month ago. Keep in touch with the site and let us know what you are up to. Take care and good luck!