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    I just started with motorized bikes. I have a 50 cc motor kit but dont have a bike it fits. So i ordered a electric bike kit from ebay from a person. Good price $399. I am a big guy at this time weigh about 270 lbs. I can get up to 22 mph but can only go about 6 miles. The other 6 miles I have to assist it with pedaling and limp home. This will work since my commute to work is 5 miles one way and then i can recharge and go back home after a recharge. I think we will see great improvements in electric transportation. It just takes inovation and time. People always seem to come up with solutions. I want to experiment and make mine go faster and farther so i can go more places. LIpo batteries are coming down in price i found some on the net for about 200 dollars. I joined this forum hoping i can talk and learn from other guys that have electric bikes. They have one me over since i dont want to buy any gas.
    I am going cold turkey on gas besides my Suv which runs on gas. I will eventually buy a electric car and use a solar system to charge it up. I am fighting the oil companies. I think travel should be cheap like cheap phone calls now and cheap internet. Well enough ranting. I hope I can share and talk to alot of members.

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