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  1. pagojet

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    Hi i am Joe from Brigantine NJ.
    I have had a moped, moded motoboard!,
    a demention edge drive system bike.
    Now have gx40 goped. geared down .
    I have a special request for good gear!!!!http://www.motoredbikes.com/images/icons/icon5.gif
    Please let me know what you would do if you were me.
    I need a folding bike, small 20/24 inch maybe? LIGHT weight.
    Needs to have strong reliable motor /drive system, tiny trailer hitch to
    take me 200 lbs and pull my balloon stuff trailor (160 to 200 lbs)
    up to twenty miles back to my truck
    after flying.
    i know this is a very odd request but perhaps
    with your knowledge and experience you guys can point me
    in the right direction .
    Thanks in advance for any and all help

  2. Abeagle

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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
    Just a thought about your question, maybe you could get a 24" folding bicycle and put a rack mount friction drive on the front wheel. It should alllow you to tow your balloon trailer and still be under 50 lbs. Do a search for folding and it should help put some light on the subject.
  3. mickey

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    Welcome Joe. Abeagle's idea sounds like a good one.
  4. pagojet

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    had a friction drive befour..

    Hi Abeagle, Mark,
    i had a friction drive before, a Demention Edge.
    Would want to go with direct drive this time.
    Was never super positive about that system.
    even though it worked well most of the time.
    Promised myself if i did it again i would have a CLUTCH
    next time, fell several times disengaging that drive lever
    Thanks again,
  5. Abeagle

    Abeagle Guest

    Maybe a GEBE rack system on the front. It has a centrif. clutch and a cog belt drive. Search thru the rack mount area for more ideas
  6. azbill

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
  7. Scottm

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    Welcome to Mbc.
  8. dbigkahunna

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    Welcome to the tribe from the Giant Side of Texas! I am a scrubber rider, DE, and am quite satisfied with its performance. It has its limitations but so do the direct drives. Friction is simple. But wet conditions cause issues and tire pressure is really important. Plus they are lighter and I think that is what you are looking for. Me and my bike weigh more than 250 pounds and the scrubber will get me moving faster than I want to fall off.