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Hello Motored Bikes enthusiasts



Hi there peoples....

I'm from the city of Adelaide, Australia and am in the process of installing a 70cc engine kit to my bicycle for the first time. I bought the kit off zbox.com.au for $295 - includes freight (just a bit of information for those people thinking about getting one who live in Australia) and would happily recommend them.

I don't have that much mechanical experience so have been getting bits of information off here as well as the zbox.com.au website.

I haven't finished the build yet and am still tinkering around with a few things. Fingers crossed it all works out OK as I'm looking forward to riding the beast to work and back (20km round trip daily).

I have enjoyed coming on here and learning more information about the engines, bicycles etc. Great site and the information has been very valuable. Unfortunately the chinese instructions that come with the engine kit are dismal at best.



Yeah, unfortunately I think at least a few pages were "Lost in translation." LOL


G'day man and welcome to MBc.
"dismal at best"...sounds familiar.I particularly liked that ZBOX instructions "lightening" bit. :confused: