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  1. mbmystery

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    Hi there. Just checking in. My name is Johnny. Trying to build a motorized bike. Been collecting & buying parts and pieces about 6 months now. Skyhawk integrated gas tank frame, ghost racer 7g engine kit.
    Not finding the info I need, so time to start asking a bazillion and one n00b questions. You know, The basics. LoL! Please be patient....

  2. Marine One

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    There is no problem with that. That is what we are here for. But BEFORE you start asking all of the questions, use the search feature on the site and see if someone has already asked. It will help you a lot. And it may give you some good info that you didn't know that you were looking for.:D
  3. mbmystery

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, found and made notes of all sorts of useful info already. I've spent many hours searching this forum and the web to find out answers to questions so basic it's embarrassing to have to join up and ask. Like why is there english & metric hardware on one single bracket? (or in other words, did they send wrong hardware?) And what is the 5/8" washer for? (Would assume it's a thrust washer for behind the clutch flywheel, but can't find mention of it anywhere)

    I posted questions in "general questions", so far no replies.
    LOL I'm just in the dry fit stage right now. Just want to make sure about things before the dreaded trial and error or working the bugs out stage begins. Anxious to get this thing done though after so long of saving money, acquiring parts etc. Should be pretty nice when done. Tried to get the best parts & components I could.
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    Hey MB.com ... New member saying hi. Im D from Hemet Cali... Just finished my 4th build... I really tried to challenge myself on this one...will post pics in the proper section, maybe a teaser ... Lol thx all.

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