Hello, my name is Matt, and I'm addicted to MotoredBikes

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    Hey guys... Just wanted to get that obligatory first post out of the way.

    I've been lurking the forums here for a little over 10 days.

    I own an Information Technology Company in Springfield, IL.

    Last friday I received my Happy Times 48cc 2 stroke (new, cheap, and fast from ebay).

    Today I can say after reading through countless threads, adding an additional tensioner pulley from Tractor Supply, and a whole mess of other small nuts and bolts from way too many trips to the closest hardware store, my Schwinn Sidewinder (New from Walmart last fall I think) is humming right along.

    I removed the front break pads and used the left hand break to control my throttle. The clutch lever is mounted on the left side below the old break/new throttle. In order to mount the gas tank I had to run the existing wires that control my gears and back break (which were originally bare and run along the top of my nut breaker bar) through wire sheathing so the tank could not squash the cables and not allow them to pull properly. I also had to use some other brackets to attach my tank to the nut breaker bar due to its odd size.

    See Attached for pics.

    Thanks for all the info. I think every single question I had, had already been answered 3 times...

    As a firm believer in "Search First, ask questions later" you may not hear much from me, but I can't thank you guys enough,


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  2. KilroyCD

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    Hi Matt, and welcome to MBc! You have a nice looking ride there, but I have one piece of advice. Please, please find a way to reinstall your front brake. Take this piece of advice from someone who learned the hard way, when I lost my only brake going down hill at 20mph. Especially because of higher cruising speeds the motor can provide, you need to have that extra stopping power. Since you made the original brake lever your throttle, why not consider a dual lever system on the right side so you have both brakes. Think about it, 75% of your stopping power is in the front brake. You'll have this added stopping power in the event a car pulls out or if a child runs out in front of you.
    Anyway, let me get off my soapbox and again welcome you to MBc! Enjoy the ride!
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    welcome matt; man you shoehorned that baby in there, good job. mitch
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    Hi Matt,

    Never, ever, ever and again Never compromise your braking on one of these machines. Get hold of a twin brake lever from ebay and link up the front brake again asap. Also, get a hold of some kevlar reinforced brake pads. I have some and they are strong enough to lock up a wheel soaking wet! On my schwinn I can go from 30mph-0mph on dry roads faster than a moped or a bike with disk brakes.. this is an important function with these machines.

    The model I use is the Clarks VRC - which are used for alpine descent racing and such..

    Glad you are having fun and that your research has been fruitful - welcome to the forum and happy riding

    Jemma xx
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    I'm a stats guy, so the 75% thing (even if its just a ballpark estimate) is enough of a reason for me. I'll be getting one of these ASAP.

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    Welcome to MBc

    All the best


    Yep, Brakes... you need the brakes working right with these machines.
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