Hello, My name is Mike. I am new here

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    I am a 25 year old male from PA.

    Two of my friends have converted their bikes to motorized bikes.
    Seeing how my license is suspended, It is a good cheap idea to put a motor on my bike.

    I plan on buying the GXH50QXA motor, which is the same one my one friend has, the other has the kit from china with the under mount motor. After riding both, I like the motor in the rear, plus it is a better product
    I am unsure on what to do, and where to get parts, Hence why I am on this forum.

    I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know how to build this motor on my mountain bike
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    Welcome to MBc read, read, read. Spend some time in the rack mount threads. As for where to buy, just look to the left of the page for starters. They wouldn't be sponsers if we didn't trust them.
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    welcome this is a great hobby to get into :)
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    thank you, i plan on getting items from the sponsors if they have what i will need. i don't mind supporting this place due to all of the information i can aquire
  5. xkwox

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    i am an avid mountain biker, but need a way to get around, i still drive, if i get pulled over i'll get a longer suspension and more fines. That is the last thing I need

    Plus everywhere i need to go is local, so a motorized bike would be nice and a cheap way to get around
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Hey Mike,welcome.
    Not a good idea to drive while suspended but MBc i'll fix that...you'll never feel the need to drive another gas guzzling box again.
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    let me see,,,,hmmmmm one ticket and added suspension fines would be MORE than a good 4 stroke kit! :shock: Plus the additional time extended for the suspension. Man it sure adds up fast
    Bottom line, Don't skimp on something you will just leave in the garage and drive and get caught. :cry::yuck::shock:

    Do some research and treat yourself to a nice ride now so the temptation is not there later.:cool:

    Welcome to the group called,,,,MBc. :cool:

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    those 3 links are "everything" you need to do a frame-mount, if it's a rack-mount setup you want, you can skip the 2nd link, as the rack kit you choose will come with needed hardware.

    the dax titan is coming soon, i believe it will be available sans-engine: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=8146

    welcome to MBc :cool:
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    yeah, i have not found any rack kits
  12. xkwox

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  13. Papasaun

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    Looks like you have been reading!!! :grin: VERY GOOD INDEED! :grin::cool:
    When my motor is not in my trike its mounted on my mtb like this,

    If you can find a rear mount / rack mount setup to buy you won't need the one for the in frame mount! (item #2 on your list).
    We have one sponsor listed on the left side here that is in the final stages of testing a kit which is what you are leaning towards.
    Keep in mind,,, this is the review of his proto type setup. Polishing and final adjustments are being made as we speak. Check with Him about availability.

    I can only assume the reason that the other seller does not list the rear mount kit might be,
    out of stock due to popularity, or inability to get the parts to make the kit, or it might be,, ???
    The Staton kit is more money but I do highly recommend it to all who I talk to.
    Read the details of what is included in your kit! The HD axle with the left hand freewheel is in my opinion the only way to go. and I believe that yes there is room on the right hand side for your freewheel. (NOT free hub)

  14. xkwox

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    yeah, i still mentioned link two for the mount kit as it has everything else i need,

    gearbox, sprockets, chain, clutch, etc
  15. xkwox

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    also Papasaun, see as you have the same motor i plan on getting
    did you remove the governer?
    i have read that it should be removed, and the other guy removed his
  16. xkwox

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    also Papasaun, what does that link come with at costs $740?
    I can buy the motor for $260 from small engine wear house.
    I then need everything else
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    slow down...a forum is not a chatroom...think about your posts and "preview" them if need be before clicking "submit"...and you have up to an hour to add-to/edit a previous post, instead of posting a buncha one-liners :)
  18. Welcome!

    I think you may find yourself riding your motorbike well after your license is reinstated....these things are addictive. Best of luck with your rack mount.
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    Hi Mike

    I'm relatively new here as well. Welcome and keep reading (the more, the better).
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    Welcome to MBc. You might want to look at Haggard's thread about how to build a rack:


    Another thing you might need to consider is the clutch. I haven't used a Honda 50cc, but I seem to remember something about there being a couple of different versions. I think there's a thread somewhere that addresses some difficulty mounting the gear reduction unit on one. I also noticed that the engine supplier states that their company doesn't sell a clutch that will work with it.