Hello, my name is Rush

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  1. Rioexxo

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    Hello, my name is Rioexxo

    I have a ROAD MASTER mountain bike frame, Suspention forks and dirt bike tires with an 80cc motor.
    7's for handlebars and a pushed back seat because I am 6' tall.
    The Bike I pedaled for months, then...
    SANTA left me a motor kit and that was that!
    I'm a DYI'er and A NERDY GEEKY hacker..


    I'm working on the lighting/electrical issues we are all facing if we ride at night.
    I live in ARIZONA and , believe me, it's WAY more fun to ride at night!
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  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I miss the bike lanes I used for commuting in AZ. TX is a different world.
    I ran lights on the motor white wire for a while. I got tired of the extra wiring (and wiring problems) on the bike and switched back to battery powered LED lights.
  3. Rioexxo

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    LED's and batteries

    I aim to fix that and I'm just nerdy enough to make it happen.
    First is a battery then the electronics..
    50+ w minnumum on the headlight
    EL wire for the Signals and running lights.
    Electronics to run it all...
    generator on the tension bracket?
  4. Dave C

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    Hi. I've been working towards a killer lighting system for my bike. Starting with a voltage regulator, 16 amp hr worth of lead acid batteries, LED headlight ment to run off the white wire from the motor and a tail light assembly that has batteries that I'm converting to run off the battery setup useing a string of doides to drop the voltage. I'll be able to change the batteries to put out 6 or 12 volts by changing the wireing.

    Anyway, welcome and have fun :)