hello, my name is zean.

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    hello, my name is zean. Mostly last year I rode @ 1300mioles on a GEBE tanaka 40cc. I received a lot of satisfaction and fun riding and working on the next la jolla aluminum cruiser. I'm still learning and I don't know much, I'm taking it slow and steady. I would like to build a 49cc four stroke in frame on a steel beach cruiser to look like a clean and simple motorcycle. Thankyou all for sharing your knowledge and working as a team, and for having me as a member of this website.

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    Awesome! 1300 miles riding!

    Welcome to the club!
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    Thankyou for the reply 5-7 HEAVEN. I've followed your Scooter-Guy mount with tanaka 47R thread. You have taught me about allignment, chains, cassettes, rpm's, torque and that I'm not overwhelmed, but I don't feel ready for a shift kit yet. I like gears and low tech. The Nu-Vinci is superior in probably every way, but I prefer the Scooter-Guy set-up, if something went wrong although it's not always easy to figure it out it could be fixed. I've often wondered what became of the Scooter-Guy? He seemed like a sincerely good person. That ride to benefit the children at Shriners Hospital was one heck of a good idea. I can't remember but I think he said that he was collecting some old bicycles down an old country road then I didn't read about him anymore. Anyway, thanks again.
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    You're welcome, zean.

    The one problem I encountered with shift kit and NuVinci hub is shifting gears.

    Once you shift gears, you almost never want to return to a single sprocket. Shifting comes in handy, especially on steep hills.

    Tanaka 40 is an excellent engine. Tanaka 47R is king, but it is an EXTREMELY loud engine with a very thirsty appetite. If I can make it less noisy, I'll use it in another build.

    zean, they have a few 4-stroke in-frame engine kits available here. Several members have installed them on cruiser frames.