hello, need something to travel from home to work and back!

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  1. ahtiram2725

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    hello guys,

    I am a newbie when it comes to engines/bicycles etc. My work place is quiet near to my home about 5 km distance. currently i am using a bicycle but driving up hill is a pain in the bu@@. So I am thinking about putting an engine on the bicycle... my main purpose is to get to work a bit quicker and to use it else where as well instead of using my car, for example going to local market.

    so where do i begin? I already have a bicycle but its nothing special... so i am looking for an engine which i can put on it easily myself and something which is fast? i.e 40 to 50km/hr.

    what can you suggest guys?

  2. butre

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    I take it reliability is a major concern if you're using to get to work, so my suggestion would be to buy a 4 stroke kit if you can fit it in your frame.
  3. ahtiram2725

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    hi thank you for your reply back. yes reliability will be a major concern....i got a bicycle to replace my car for short journeys. Unfortunately I live in a hilly part of the city. so going up hill is a problem for me! Can you please suggest which kit to buy? price wise are they all the same or should i go for something cheap? also will i be able to fit in my bike easily since i am a newbie or would it be better to take it to a motorbike mechanic?
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    We'll have to assume that your bike has the standard triangle frame. If not, then you'd better say so.

    With that established, then I'd say that the engines we call 'happy time' or 'china girls' would be the easiest to work with. They're very basic 2 cycle engines and the kits come with hardware necessary to install one on a bike.

    I get the impression that they can be difficult to get in some nations because of severe import restrictions. I have no idea if Pakistan fits into that category or not.

    I suppose you could start by clicking on some of the sponsors on this site. Maybe some of them could ship to you?

    If not, then you'd at least have seen these engines and kits and, perhaps, could find some supplier who can reach you.
  5. KCvale

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    What is the exact make, model, size and condition of your bike?
    Pictures help.
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    For hills (torque), and such a short commute, maybe u should consider electric.

    a mid drive is ideal as it has 7 or more gears on the motors drive train to the wheel (via the derailleurs)

    quiet, no starting problems, less maintenance