Hello, new and need help choosing motor. Please.

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    Hello, I've been researching but would love the help of you guys who have done this before. At the end of the day i need a motor KIT that will take me 100-120 miles a week. 40 miles round trip that contains a 2.5 mile grade at 7%. I don't mind pedaling, the other days of the week that i am not driving this route i am commuting on a road bike.

    * i have both a mountain bike and steel frame road bike.

    The kit that seems best suited is the Tanaka 2 stroke engine sold by Golden Eagle Bike Engines. My only hesitation about this engine is the payback period taking over a year since this engine kit costs $630 with shipping.

    Is this my best option taking into account reliability vs initial investment?

    Side desire - I would love to put and engine on a road bike since it fits my geometry better.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for responding.