Hello! New build, a few questions before I start...

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    Hello all. After some deliberation and a good look through everyone's inspiring builds, I've decided to create a motorised bicycle using the chinese engine kit that seems to be everywhere. I have a roughed up hybrid town bike that I intend to use as the base. I am aiming for a veteran/board track look and poise. The frame isn't really the right shape for this so I'm going to have to innovate. (used schwinn bikes aren't common in the UK!)

    The cross bar is at an angle so I have designed a copper sheet tank that should give it the look I'm after. Here is a crude drawing of the design carrera-subway-2-mens-20-town-trail-bike.jpg

    Does anyone know much about soldering and whether or not it would be appropriate/legal for a tank? Otherwise I may invest in a brazing torch.

    The other problem I have is that the front end is too high and the wheel is too far back. I have considered making some kind of springer fork set up as I've noticed that they seem to bring the front wheel forwards a bit, but perhaps there are other options?



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    Dale, where in the land of leeks are you? I'm in Brum, I have collected a bit of info on the SVA rules if you need any contacts or interpretations.

    A soldered tank should be ok, the important part is that it's securely mounted and doesn't leak. There were racing Nortons that had then, so I don't see you running into any problems.
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    While I think, try some of the autocycle sites, you can pick up girder forks from them. Somebody's supposed to be making new build sets soon as well, at sensible prices. I'll see if I can find out who it is.
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    While I think, where are you getting the kit from? There's Transformercycles in Brum, I know nothing about them or their quality and service.

    Have you thought about a Cag (minimoto) engine and 4:1 chain box, or a petrol scooter engine? They have a more modern design thant the upright motors, and hopefully better engineering. Petrol Scooter are also selling a cvt box with a 6.5:1 reductuin drive as well, about £39.
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    Hey Ludwig,

    Thanks for the help. If you know anything about UK law regarding 50cc bicycles I'd love to hear it. All I have heard is that it is illegal to ride a 50cc motorcycle without a licence, but then others have said that it is something of a grey area in the law.

    I was thinking of buying a kit from ebay. I did a bit of research and I think most of them are made by the same company in China. They seem to be quite widely used so I'm guessing that they are reliable at least. I did consider buying the parts separately but I wasn't sure about what parts I needed in regards to the automatic clutch/gears. I also quite like the look of the kit engines!