Hello, New from Echo Park, Calif.

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    Just saying hello. Great site. Still trying to figure out which motor to buy. I wanted to get a Grubee Skyhawk w/ the Angle Fire. But it seems I cant get it shipped to Calif. There is one called the "Sting ray" for a good price but I haven't been able to find a word about it? Good or bad or all the same?
    I have a Black Schwinn cruiser that is about 20 years old that I will use for now. Any motor suggestions would be great. If your allowed to do that? I am starting to wonder as I read other posts. Anyway Thank you for sharing your bikes and knowledge!

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    Hi Bang, welcome to Motoredbikes. I recall that there are dealers in Cal. that you can get an engine from. If no one chimes in, do a separate post asking that question.
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    Thank you.
    well, its slim picken's in calif. As far as I found. So I finally ordered a Raw engine form e bay. It was a good price and they shipped to Calif. Of corse 5 minutes after i paid i found someone else on ebay who i would have rather ordered from. I think it was Zoom? That is because i have heard of them here. Because as you guys have said it is more about customer service then the motor because they are all pretty much the same. So lets hope that all will go well and that my ebay purchase will be something i can proudly share with others. (I wanted to use pay-pal.)
    I also ordered a engine hardware kit from Sick bike parts along with a oil/gas measure kit. Some fenders of off amazon(good price) 14.99 + 11.00 shipping black cruiser full fenders. A speedo for break in. etc...So lets hope I can actually get this motor mounted and running! I am on a budget right now and am fighting myself not to take it in. Also so i can learn about it so i can keep it up myself. I fancy myself rather clever but i have never touched an engine. Being a girl (women) i have not ever been naturally drawn to them? Wish me luck and please answer my questions if i have any. ; )
    Thanks and happy riding!