hello New member with New AWESOME bike build.

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  1. racerguy

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    Hey guys and gals just signed up and just finished my bike. Im from Port Huron MI and came on to try and figure out a few of the bugs on my new beauty. I am a custom painter and airbrushed and put it to use on my new bike. My new bike is the firmstrong Rebel stretch cruiser with sever custom mods. Thanks Derrick oh and this is my son on it not me...

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  2. Anton

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    Lucky you have an engine because you're feet don't touch the pedals in the photo....joking! Welcome to the site!
  3. Lunardog

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    Very sharp...may want to reconsider the exhaust direction or get some goggles with wipers though....these things spit a little when they run.
  4. racerguy

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    easy cheap exhast fix

    A half inch 90 degree copper elbow blowing sideways solved it. I don't even stink like fuel anymore yeah.
  5. Lunardog

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    Great solution! Motor safe and have fun.
  6. yimmie

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  7. racerguy

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    Thanks yimmie! I have the exhaust and tires done now too!