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    Hi, i just joined today. I was reading about the jag cdi and expansion chamber posts and i was just itching to know more, so i hope i can find some information here.

    My bike is a schwinn high timber, with a dax f80 engine with offset intake and bgf expansion chamber. I have the stock cdi and a SBP high performance plug wire, as i realized the kit wire was not working out. I originally started out with the bikeberry kit and switched motors to the dax motor. i have the nt carb with 66 jet and ngk b6hs plug.

    i have a 26" front wheel with a 1.95 tire on the front.

    i have 2 rear wheel set ups:
    26" 1.95 kenda quest with 36t sprocket (had a bad plug wire, couldnt get it to top out past 30mph)
    24" 1.75 cheng semislick tire with 44t sprocket (currently on now tops out at 28mph)

    I am expecting to receive a 50cc puch hi hi head this week and the arrow reed block with ported cylinder.

    Im now looking at carbs, cdi , expansion chamber mod.
    anyway.... thats me. I want to go fast, but i want my bike to last.

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    I have a Jaguar CDI and a bunch of other stuff, but it's too risky to install an expansion chamber where i live, as the police would be all over me in a heart beat.

    My advise: install a Jaguar CDI, install a Rock Solid Engines reed valve intake and Walbro style carburettor, install a (medium compression) CR Machine Man twin spark plug cylinder head with decompression option, install a pedal start/pull start centrifugal clutch, install a pull start, install a TTO cylinder head temperature gauge, install a Koso exhaust gas temperature gauge, install a tacho, install front and rear lights, install a brake light, install a set of mirrors and indicators, and if you can get away with it, an expansion chamber with a quiet exhaust note.

    Optional extras are an integrated electric start system and 5 amp generator.

    Going fast and wanting things to last is not helpful to your body when crashing at 40 mph.
    If that's your logic, my advise would be to build some unreliability into the system so your bike can only do 20 mph. It's a much safer option.

    Yesterday i was on a decent ride and my bike was flat out at 15 mph on level ground; the engine working it's guts out like there was no tomorrow.