Hello... New To MB's, Many Questions...

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm knew to the Motor bike, and i have yet to purchase one. I don't have much money but would like to get a motor on a schwinn mountain bike i would purchase from walmart for 170+.

    Problem is i was looking around and i don't know what is legit/worth it and what to look for.

    I have seen the ebay adds for the cheap motors which are at my price range but from what i seen in post it is either a hit or miss... I have seen a special on a motor on Kings motorbikes for 119... looks just like the ebay ones... is kings legit?? would it work for me?

    25-30+ mph is good for me just something to get me to and from work until i get a little more money to buy a 2nd car.

    Also are these engines water proof? i may have to park it outside while at work and i was just wondering...

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    you may wish to go to the vendor area and look around -- study

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    Welcome aboard.

    Yup, you'll want to study the vendors and these threads. Time spent that will easily re-pay you, I promise.

    But to give a few brief answers: I wouldn't buy a kit from a no-name ebay vendor when you can get one from a trusted vendor, such as those you'll find on the left, for practically no difference in price.

    A few of those $170 Schwinns look like nice bikes. But some have weirdly shaped downtubes. Engine installation might be difficult. So beware of that.

    And if you plan to be a serious commuter, then you really do want fenders. Otherwise the road will cover you with dirty water.

    You definitely will need to waterproof the electricals on these engines. Not a big deal with a tube of silicone. But dont' forget it or you'll be sorry.

    But don't get discouraged either; you do have to maintain these engines and bikes. But it's not something that will take all of your time. And riding these is so rewarding that it's a-thousand-times worth it.

    You'll have fun.
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  5. bluegoatwoods

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    I'm not familiar with the Schwinn Link. But they're now making mountain bikes in that price range that have a weird, semi-triangular shaped downtube. It might still be possible to mount an engine on it, but someone's gonna have to try it before we can be absolutely sure.

    The Delmar looks like a fine bike for this use. And there are a handfull of members here who have one.

    You wont' be able to mount an engine on that Landmark. the "step-through" frame will prevent that.

    But everything I just said is wrong if you're thinking of a rack mount engine. Somehow I had the feeling that you were thinking of a two stroke, frame mounted engine.
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    Welcome to the site.
    There are garage sales,goodwill shop's,swap meets with bikes for sale at a good/fair price.
    Leaves more money for engine and upgrades. The engines are easy to swap from bike to bike. Take you time buy wise.
    Good luck.Have fun.