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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by chopperjoe, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. chopperjoe

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    Hello and happy holidays, just found this site and looking foward to MB discusions, been a member of motorbycling.com for a couple months now, some great info there. Hope to share whatever i can or help in any way. thnx chopper joe

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    Hi Joe. Welcome!
    Are you riding in the cold?
  3. chopperjoe

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    Hey are you tring to confuse the new guy? yea i was out yesterday, knew the snow was coming, had to take advantage of the balmy 38 degrees, put 6 miles on my new speedometer i picked up on ebay was happy to find out it was made in USA by stewart&warner $8 $4 shipping new in box, Cycle b rand. Bought another that you see all over with the checkerd flag pattern, turned out to be junk, wasted $20 plus $5 shipping. I was just on motorbicycling.com finding out that an old 3 speed Stumy Archer hub wont hold up. any thoughts on that, just dug one up out in the shed and thought of switching out the 10 speed. well have a great holiday. Chopper
  4. chopperjoe

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    New Cranny 2nd build

    2nd build, new cranny with some mods. hooked up a shift lever on handlebar to control the choke, comes in handy when engine tries to die and your searching for choke lever with your left hand. Did replace the rubber band with a spring to pull the choke back down. Picked up the seat from Ebay store BUILD YOUR BIKE they have some pretty good stuff and free shipping, just ordered a set of the bare foot pedals, I seen them on another bike, nice and wide a little more for your foot to rest on

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  5. birddog1148

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    How do you like that springer front end?
  6. chopperjoe

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    Love the springer, Piston bikes $40 takes a lot of the vibration out. The stock Cranbrook seat was as hard as a rock, picked up this seat at Ebay store BUILD YOUR BIKE they have some really cool stuff. Originally had the springer on my first build, an older roadmaster mountain style bike with a Grubee 48cc took the vibes out of that also. Posted pics of that bike a while back. Im mostly on the other bike forum Motorbycling.com