Hello Newbie from Washington with an antique in progress

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by 09er, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Hello MBc members, I live just outside of Spokane in eastern Washington. I've been working on my project bike most of the summer, and it's still in progress. I hope to have it finished up and on the road by next spring. The bike is my interpretation of an early motorcycle, with design elements from the 1903 - 1909 Harley Davidson. I started with a 1950s Monark girl's frame and springer fork. The frame was modified to fit the fuel tank and a 66cc Grubee Skyhawk motor. I liked the idea of having a bike with the look and feel of the originals, so I used the chain & pulley throttle system, and the stick clutch control like the early Harleys. The drive wheel will be chain driven instead of the belt drive which makes more sense with the Skyhawk style motor. Throughout the build I've had to reverse engineer and fabricate a lot of parts to make the controls all work with a modern cable controlled motor. To eliminate the high cost of plating, many of the parts where fabricated out of scrap stainless steel and polished to resemble nickel plating. I also welded stainless steel tubing to the chrome plated handlebars, and it seemed to blend in fairly well after polishing. This project has been a lot of fun and very challenging. I'm new to any kind of forum, hope I get through posting my photos to the picture gallery. I've been inspired by the cool bikes I've seen on this site and have learned a lot from my guest visits here. I look forward to communicating with fellow enthusiasts who enjoy tinkering as much as I do.
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    It sounds like you're going to have a really neat bike.

    Have you posted the photos yet?

    You'll also want to check out the work of a member named "Houghmade". It sounds like you have similar styles.
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    sounds kool lets see some pics
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    I was able to post some pictures in the picture gallery under the title of “First Build” Early motorcycle replica in progress. I’ve seen Houghmade’s bike, and I really like it. It was his bike and others like it that inspired me to try something similar.
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    Welcome to MBc

    Have fun,
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    09 - I took a look at the build and you have captured the look that a lot of us have been trying to get. I know you will have fun with your creation. You will turn a lot of heads with that machine. Have fun, Dave

    PS: I had a chance to ride a Pierce Arrow many years ago, I never got over it. I vowed to have one of my own some day, I am now convinced that the only way is to build one from scratch. There is the Timeless a replication of the 09, but at 12,000 a little steep for me. http://www.timelessmotorcompany.com/vintage/
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    Nice build.