Hello, Noob here. 24" BMX bike GP460 build underway.

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    I have been into anything with engines for as long as I can remember. About a year ago I got turned on to Gopeds (motorized stand up scooters). Well I was given a GT Power Series 24" BMX bike a couple days ago and got an idea to throw one of my extra GP460 engines on it. I am thinking of going with the Staton kit or maybe the BMP friction kit if they start selling them again in the next couple weeks or so. I would rather the BMP kit with the option of chain drive down the road if I get tired of the friction drive set up but will settle with the Staton kit.

    Let me know what you guys think. I will also be running a Tuned piped called a Dominator with a second silencer to help out with noise. Hoping for a round 40 - 45 mph. The only real problem is my bike currently has no front brake and I don't see much stopping power from just a rear brake stopping from 40 mph. I want v brakes up front but will have to do some welding which inst a problem but will be a fun little project.

    One question I have is: I searched and couldn't find another motorized BMX bike. Why is that? Too uncomfortable? Mine will be a cruiser 24" BMX bike so it's the bigger style.
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    welcome to the forum.
    24 " tires are not that popular because their small "tires and bikes". most of us don't have friction motors and the smaller tire means slower speeds with the aval. sprockets.
    You'll find a lot of good info here..
    welcome to the forum....
    good luck.
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    Thanks for the reply and that makes sense.

    I have been thinking about this build and maybe someone could help me out with the following:

    1. Will the aluminum frame and overall lightness of the bike cause too much vibrations in the handle bars and through out the bike?

    2. Will the 460 be too much power for a friction drive set up? I plan on running a 1.25 spindle and also a tuned pipe. I don’t wanna shred through tires too fast.

    3. How fast will a friction drive set up go? Top speed? If the engine has enough power and was geared for lets say 50 MPH, would the spindle do ok?

    Sorry for all the noob questions any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again Joel.
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    their's a hole section on friction

    their's a hole section on friction..
    read first then post questions..
    I have no experience in friction..
    this is the welcome station where we ask ::
    "from where you you hail"
    and thank you for joining the forum...
    so... welcome and enjoy.......
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    Do a search for jim himself and 5-7HEAVEN.:detective:

    Both have used GP460 engines on friction drives.