Hello, Northwest IL. here, need gearbox ideas

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    Hello all, been doing a lot of reading in here trying to find out what would be the best gearbox for the Hs 4 stroke engine kit. Seems to be a lot of mixed thoughts on the matter. BtW I have the hoot gearbox now and seems to be holding up ok so far. Anyone have any ideas or experiences with others? Thanks..

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    Hello all, afraid i have maybe put the cart before the horse here a little.
    Please let me introduce myself. My name is Rick, I worked in garages for several years as a mechanic but decided to give that up, just got sick of working on cars. I live in a small town in northwest Illinois where I now help out at a local electronics repair shop repairing tv's and anything else I can. I got into motorized bikes not only as a hobby but also as a means of transportation as I don't drive anymore, cost too much to get my license back, learned the hard way you are not suppose to drink and drive. I'm going to try to attach a couple of pictures of the bikes I built, hope it works ok. The one I ride most every day is the diamondback which is also electric. The Recumbent I built from two old 10 speeds is also electric and cruses along at a very comfortable 30mph. Hope to learn some new tricks and get some more ideas on future projects in here and of course will help in anyway I can.. Btw, I haven't taken any pics of the 4 stroker yet but plan to when finished.

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