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Jan 31, 2008
About 18 months ago I decided to not drive or register a car again. I choose to not entertain the prices of running a car anymore.

Public transport became the go, but I needed the flexibility of not relying on buses every hour, or 2.
So I got my old 27 inch Raliegh hanging from the back shed, wiped off the Red Back Spiders, got some new tires, oiled the chain and away it went.
Then I bought a brand new Raliegh 26 inch MB (on special) and started to restore to old Raliegh, my lounge room is now full of bike parts and frames I've been collecting.

Then, as if by magic, after I was getting tired of riding and looking at cars again, a friend showed me his motored bike.
He wanted advice because I'm a motor mech by trade but on a pension due to work injuries. ( mechanic's lower back problem, degenerative)

Instantly the lights came on and I ordered my 1st kit, was hoping I'd get it today, but I have to sweat out the weekend and it will arrive on Monday.

I got plans to install the 50cc engine kit on the 26 inch Raliegh, my other 3 frames are 27 inch. steel frames. ( old )
I hope these engine kits fit those frames.

Anyway, keen to get my wheels happening, the back streets where I live are mostly hill climbs and I sometimes pedal 50 to 100 KM per day to do my errands and the ongoing physio at the gym.
I see a securtiy issue when locking up the bike at the gym, has anyone got some advice on how to lock up one of these motored bikes ?
I want to find a way to disable the motor so it don't start from the ignition point of view.
Ideas welcomed.
Great Forum
Adelaide, SA..,


welcome, i know you will find everything you want to know on this forum, Quite a bit of smart people on here.


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Jan 31, 2008
Thanks for the welcome, I think I'll be sticking around for a while.

Some other things mechanical I have to let go, or try to;
I got a old 1978 Merc.450 SEL V8 4.5 Ltr., one of those unfinished projects. It will be a sad day when I tow the old lady to the scrap metal yard and get at best 150.00
It goes well, when it is going, has rust holes as big as 2 footballs on either side of rear boot wells.
Sunroof is nackered and can only be driven when it ain't raining.
Hydraulic Lines for the rear suspension levelers needs replacing, 150.00 if I was to spend any more to fix the hydraulic line. Then there is the cost of hydralic oil and possibly another 300.00 to have it adjusted correctly, or it will blow another hose.
Has new Brakes all round, but never driven except around the block for a test drive after the breaks were fitted.
Motor is very good condition with previous owner reciepts showing top end re-build.
Has to run on hi octane fuel or it will run sluggish.
Starts first time every time even if it's been sitting for 6 months or more.

It HAS to go, to the dump, no one seems to want these gems anymore and it pains my back, and wallet, every time I try to work on her.

But she once ruled the roads, a class above many for comfort and safe driving. The smell of her leather is another feature each time I open the doors.
Sitting in the driving seat is like sitting on a lounge TV Chair, comfort 2nd to none. It's the ONLY car seat that does not ache on long drives.
There are some things I will keep, badges, electric window motors, electric sunroof motor and light globes. I might keep the dashboard and the mag wheels,with good tyres. Then I'll propbably get 100.00 scrap !
I might just keep it anyway, it is not easy to let this car go.
3 years now and have not decided, keep changing my mind every day.
I could have got as high as 200 when scrap metal prices peaked, I thought they peak more but the prices of metal dropped. The hassle of deciding what to do never ends.

Well, that's my rant for today till this bike motor kit is delivered on Monday.
I'll get the bike going and, decide,again,what to do with that Merc.


Welcome to MBc. I use those thick security cables from masterlock to lock my bike. If things are really bad or you're just worried. Remove the seat so it will be dificult to ride. Take the spark plug wire with you when you go so they can't start it. Leave the clutch engaged so if they don't know anybetter they won't get it to roll. Close the fuel on/off valve.
There's a thread on here somewhere with complaints about people tinkering (to put it nicely)with your bike while you're not around. I worry more about some little kid walking up and touching the motor and getting burned.
Good luck on your build. Waiting for that motor is like being a kid wating for Christmas. :)


Welcome to MBc. I know how hard it is to part with an old Mercedes. I have a '68 200D. I hardly ever drive it, specially since I got a motor for my bike. But after long periods of neglect, she still starts first crank. I get offers for her all the time, but it's hard to let go of something that reliable.


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Jan 31, 2008
Ok, some logistics to sort out while waiting in anticipation.

The 26'' bike, I think the frame dimensions are at the lower end from what I have read so far.
The motor might not fit. The length of the seat bar is approx. 350 cm and the OD of the front bar is in the 50 cm range.
It's a Raliegh MOJAVE 6.0 made in 2007.
It's way over priced at this location, but this is what the bike looks like.

I can get a suitable bike for around $120 at the bike shop, all ready to go, no hassles, or I can get one I seen at the op shop for 50.00, needs brakes, tyres and some TLC, it would still cost me.

I have 3 x 27'' frames, but all are in various bits and pieces,waiting for a alloy thin wheel to be fixed and picking that up on Tuesday. I was going to make one good bike out of the 3 before the motor idea came along.
But, I have not seen much so far on a motored 27" inch frame.
If I was to put the motor on the 27", would I need the fatter tyres and rims ?
Is the gearing suited for a 27" wheel that;s supplied with kit.
It's the China engine kit.

Solutions welcomed.