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    Well im back for another spring/summer year of riding. I had a problem with my first build last year the engine died and i threw in the towel and said never again, but i had time to think and realize i REALLY enjoyed riding and shouldn't give up after 1 bad build. I rode the bike hard and didnt listen to the veterans here who have many builds under their belts which was a huge mistake on my part for example replacing all the cheap chinese hardware with solid bolts and locktite. The muffler bolts were stripped and engine bolts so everything was loose and falling off lol it was a disaster, but thats how we learn i guess. Ordering new engine next week and going to home depot for replacing hardware and locktite! This time i wont rush the build i learned my lesson lol. Just wanted to say hi and good luck with all new builds!

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    Hey deathproof, good to see that your'e giving motorized bikes another go. Hopefully you have some better luck this time!
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    Two words are synonymous with this hobby/transport: detail and respect,

    Attention to detail will always bring forth reliability that many seek.


    Giving the engine the respect that it deserves, considering it birthplace - a grubby Chinese factory with questionable quality control.

    Having said that, these engines are surprisingly reliable as standard; more so if correcting the jetting to optimal air/fuel ratio and installing readily available after market parts to further improve reliability as well as being sensible with rpm and oil/fuel ratio.
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    thanks anton! good to be back:)
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    fabian your absolutely right unfortunately i learned the hard way but i'm coming back into it with a bit more patience and knowledge of what not to do lol ill take advice and research now and get the most that i can from the engine and hobby.
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    My last engine ran for 10,000 kilometers (6,000 miles) although the cylinder and piston rings were changed every 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles) but the piston and small end connecting rod bearing were never changed.

    As is stands, i have used the old engine's small end connecting rod bearing in my new engine which has around 3,000 kilometers on it (1900 miles) and it shows no sign of giving up.

    The Jaguar CDI is a vital accessory item if you want these engines to have long service life.