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    Hi everybody, my name is Chris from East Greenbush, NY, and I've been a bike enthusiast for a while, but the gas prices and the personal discovery of electrically aided bikes has sparked my interest. I stumbled on this site after seeing a youtube video of someone's crazy specced out bike.
    http://www.metaefficient.com/electr...wn-high-performance-hybrid-electric-bike.html I've been around the site and I've done some preliminary research and I think I've whittled down just what I'm looking for but I need a little more help.

    So far I've decided on an electric assist. The goal of this bike isn't necessarily for speed, its for distance, and because I can normally range about 30 miles on foot power alone I don't plan on using it except on the gigantic hills we have around my workplace and home so weight is somewhat of an issue.
    Price of course is always an issue, I'm an arts at student RPI. The other nifty caveat is I'm 5'10" 230 pounds, which factors into distance ratios a bit.

    Here are the specs of what I'm looking to build:

    Cheapest model 26in wheel mountain bike with rear suspension and disc breaks

    Rear mount 26in 36v BL hub kit with the necessary throttles and gizmos

    And heres the kicker, 2 (and more if this works well and I save more money) 36v LI-ion Dewalt batteries wired in series.

    Waterproof rear mount for gizmos and batteries

    I think i have almost everything covered
    Does this setup seem like it works or did I blunder over something?

    The big question is: and I can't seem to find an active link on the site after many searches.
    How to wire the DeWalt in, and how to wire them in series so that i only get the 36v (not the 72) but the benefit of using the longevity of double the batteries.

    Also I have just a general question about the breaks and the motor, do these motors automatically cut out when breaks are applied or must you throttle down first?

    Thanks ahead of time. You have been a big help already just for having this site.

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    Welcome, Guy!!!!!!!