Hello, this is my bike. I also have a Jaguar Question.

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    Hello Everyone!
    I am new to motorized biking. For the past few months I have been researching and building an amazing machine. I have done many of the low power porting that Jaguar has talked about. Here is a list of what I built:
    -Giant Rincon Mountain Bike with Maxxis Overdrive Tires
    -66cc POS (never buy motovelo...)
    -Front Disk brake
    -Mini Bike Throttle
    -Expansion Chamber Exhaust (fully wrapped with headder wrap)
    -Shift Kit 8spd grip shift with 11T Drive Gear
    -Carb Extension and Performance Air Filter
    It was riding great but then my exhaust started leaking so I got an exchange... Which I am still waiting for... So untill then I will not be riding...
    The good part is that gives me time to install my new Delotto Carb and Jaguar CDI!

    My problem... I have a circuit board in my new CDI that looks different from the one in Jaguars info. I have used the search feature and not found much on this. Are there current instructions? This is the latests model.

    I tried to message Jaguar but this is my first post so... Hello and hopefully THANKS!