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    Hello everyone, I'm Jim from southwest Ohio. I've been into the non-motorized bicycle hobby for a couple years, after I began to rely on them for daily transportation. I've bought and sold tons of them, and I currently own about 10 or so, some ride-able, some projects.

    I have limited experience with a 2 stroke kit installation, I bought a used kit a year ago and installed it, but never could get it to work right. I gave up, and am now ready to try again. I plan to buy a new kit(most likely a Cheez pk80) and do it right. I have read a few of the threads about noobie help in this forum, but I have a hard time learning things at times, so I appreciate any and all patience and advice to someone new to this hobby.

    I do not own a cruiser or mountain bike I could use for this project right now, so I plan to use one of two different 70's 10 speed road bikes I have. One is a slightly cosmetically-modified JCPenney with 26 inch wheels, and the other is a Sears Ted Williams (Puch-designed frame, with the cables ran through the top tube-very cool in my opinion) Free Spirit with 27 inch wheels.

    I plan to use my motorized bike for basic transportation, I do not plan to top it out often, I just need it for commuting around town. I am also on a very tight budget, but I love low-buck solutions that I can do with my own two hands.

    If anyone has experience with using either of these frames, or a road bike in general, I would love to hear about it. Everyone I've met in this hobby has been really cool and helpful, I look forward to meeting you all and finding my own way to make good contributions to this forum.

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    I also have something that could possibly be used instead of a gas tank. It is a sort of universal automotive coolant overflow resovoir, I would think that it would be appropriate to hold the gasoline/oil mix, if it was made to hold engine coolant. I like the idea of mounting it to a rear rack, and keeping it for in case I run low on gas far from a gas station.
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    Welcome. Sorry to hear it didn't work out before but with the folks here and the stickies hopefully it will work out. I would say read all the stickies in the 2-stroke forum about installation and tips. I have a few thoughts below based on your bike.

    1. Pick the bike with the best brakes
    2. If you want to make your own gas tank, you need to overcome the vacuum pressure inside the tank from the engine sucking gas with a pressure valve of some sort. This is difficult. If you want a rear mounted gas tank, you can mount the stock gas tank on the rear rack and also attach a 1 gallon gas container for added range. Just cover it with a nice tarp or wrapping.
    3. The chain tensioner is the worst in these kits. You need to add additional support to it so that it doesn't slide or rotate into the spokes. Also, the chain will stretch. When you set the chain tight, I would place the tensioner wheel at the bottom and move the tensioner forward along the bike bar so that as the chain stretch you have room to adjust both upwards with the tensioner wheel and back with the tensioner position.

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    Hi Jay, You will be able to learn alot here .
    Your road bike will work, I did an old Huffy road bike an it is OK. Not to many people use these skinny bikes , but it you are careful about hitting bumps and potholes they are good! image.jpg

    Mr. Bakaneko is right about the chain tensioner. They are a bad design . And with the skinny chainstay on a road bike they are even worse!
    You need to add a little to the bracket to make it fit tighter.
    I cut an old hacksaw blade into two small pieces and put just a little JB Weld on them and put them on the tensioner bracket then tighten them down on the chainstay ,and when the JB is dry you can move it where you need to tighten the chain.
    Hope this helps! And welcome to the Motor Bike Learning Chanel:p
    Keep looking up! Ken.