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  1. Alabama Slim

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    Hello, my name is Wayne but you can just call me Alabama Slim. I just purchased two Jesse James West Coast Chopper Bicycles from a neighbor and he and I were, believe it or not, discussing mounting a motor on either one or both of them!
    I started an internet search of the bikes and my seconed result was here!
    WOW.....talk of karma or whatever. Glad to be a member and hope to have found a bicycle family here. Seem like a very self gratifying hobby.
    Oh, and I paid $40 for each...what is the normal going price?
    Alabama Slim

  2. 247Jude

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    Welcome slim from whyle e cyote.
  3. Alabama Slim

    Alabama Slim New Member

    Thanks, Mr. Cyote, very much glad to be here.