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    Well my name is Manny. From Los Angeles Ca. Built my first bike about 2 weeks ago. Ever since then I have been hooked to the thing. I prefer it over my car at times. I installed a Raw motor 80cc/66cc in it broke it in and it was pretty cool. Since then I installed a better air filter , expansion chamber, petcock, gas filter, throttle, new braking system, boost bottles, dual brake lever, and a free wheel rim. Most of the parts except for free wheel rim, and boost bottles I got from SBP great store by the way. The bike I installed my motor on I found thrown away it is a old beach cruiser that I brought back from the dead.:cool:

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    Hi Grims and welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Hi and welcome.

    It's a great thing the parts for upgrading are so inexpensive, huh? I'm a hot rodder at heart and so much can be modified. The only thing that pretty much can't be done is a bore and stroke, unless, of course, you have very deep pockets :p
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    well thanks for the warm welcome guys. I have a few questions to ask you guys.