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    My name is Karl. I'm 48 years old. I'm a Chief in the U.S. Navy.

    Sense I was a little boy I always wanted to put a motor on a bicycle. I think it was the old card and clothes pin trick that inspired me. Sense I was only about 8 years old, and the internet did not exist, I had nothing to refer to. It became a pipe dream. About 7 years ago I was surfing the internet and came across a web page about motorized bikes, that rekindled the old flame. I bought my first motorized bike. The bike was a CHEAP Chinese 2 stroke, which I have been trying to get rid of ever sense. It was fun, but it was like riding a weed whacker. After about 3 to 4 miles my hands and feet were numb. I figured there had to be something better. Surfing the internet again I came across a different and seemingly better bike, it was the Whizzer.

    I did a little research on the Whizzer and decided to purchase one. My first Whizzer, a red 2007 NE-5. I found the dealer on Whizzer USA, Tim Middleton. He offered to assemble it for me but I declined because I wanted to enjoy the experience. He gave me a few tips that I accepted, enlarge the restrictor, and add a crank case breather, and play with carb jets(never did find any pilot jets for the Kiehan carb). Never have regretted these mods, more power and no oil leaks. I liked the bike so much I decided to get another. I bought one of the last 2 2007 NE-5s from Whizzer Motorbikes of Sandpoint, this one is black.

    I am active duty military, U.S. Navy. I am an Aviation Electrician by trade. Being in the military means there are times you have to transfer. Transferring sometimes means you have to move to a new location. I ended up transferring to a squadron in Lemoore Ca. Upon checking in they told me that the entire squadron was going to transfer to Japan. Both bikes ended up in storage for almost 3 years. The red Whizzer ended up with about 263 miles on it, and the black one, well the black one never was even broken in, it has 22 miles on it.

    After I returned to the states I just never had a chance to do anything with them for the first couple of years. I collected up some accessories like fender tips, head lamp visors, saddle bags, and a few other items. I decided sense these bikes have not run for a while it would be prudent to go through the engines and learn some more about how to maintain and improve them. Surfing the internet again for information I found this forum. I was looking for solutions for the auto clutch. The rubber bushing on one of my clutches gave out. This forum has been a wealth of information. Being new at this myself, you all have been great. I am hooked.
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    If you are hooked now, you have all the hallmarks of becoming an addict in 6 months times. This hobby is more addictive than illegal substances or alcohol.
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    Welcome back to motored bicycling! You should have disassembled one of those bikes and shipped out to Japan with it years ago. Alot of beautiful mountain roads and woods there.
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    I thouoght about that when I was in Japan but I had no time prior to leaving to do so. I was also limmited on the how much weight I could transport.
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    Well ship the engine at least next time ;-) You can find any old bike there. Even the little China girl is better than naught. We've been learning how to make a 7 hp beast out of her lately too =-)