hello!! trying a 6 inch diameter planer motor 110 v -rewiring to 48 volt-hope it will

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    hoping this 110 volt motor will work at 36 volt dc on my electric bicycle project.The motor is a little noisy-that will be good the bike may be used in shows-the motor has brushes and rpm is extreme- at 48 volt will cut rpm in half-:cool:

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    If it is 110VDC (unlikely) it might go OK on 48VDC.
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    110 volt dc motoe with brushes runs off dc 48 volt also

    HI!! 110 volt ac -is the motor-no doubt-however this ac brush motor 10;000 rpm also will work on dc-I hooked it yo 36 volt dc-ran at 1/3 the rpm approx. (3 -12 volt batteries in series-seems to me should work well-this project has 0 budget-also i"m bolting on a matching rim -plenty of clearance on this bike for the extra rim for pulley-thanks!! for the response all-I just can"t believe there are other people building bikes! I"m a 57 year nut I know-james
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    amazing!!! is this motor 24,000 rpm?

    can you believe this? the motor i"m mounting on a bicycle says its 8000 rpm at planer head-that would mean at 1/4 the pulley size-the motor would have to be turning at 3 x the rpm of 8,000=24,000-is that correct?-the motor sounds like 24,000 -whines like a router motor-the motor is ac dc motor (brush type motor) i I also had a bit of luck today mounting pulley on bicycle wheel!