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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Herrmanator8, Aug 31, 2008.

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    hello fello motorbicyclists:grin: I, at the beginning of this year had sold my two stroker bike and have invested almost $600 dollars into the best quality 4 stoke setup. I bought a brand new Honda GXH50uqxa engine from northern tool, the engine has a 2 year warranty still which is included with the kit:smile::grin: and i bought the grubee mounting kit for the engine from bicycleengines.com. the engine was $300+shipping from northern tool and the mounting kit was $250+shipping from bicycleengines.com. i was wondering if someone out there would be willing to pay $500 dollars for the kit? i have already mounted the gearbox as directed on the engine and i have mounted the engine on rubber gaskets on the chrome mounting plate. i have all the components to put in the extra wide crank kit (included), muffler, twist throttle brake combo, sprocket, chain,.. the whole nine yards!(all included to make the bike) everythings there. i was really into this and i really wanted to do this project to be a real nice kit. but i wanted to only put this on a really top end bicycle, to endure off roading and that will exceed atleast $300 for me. plus i was going to put a custom exhaust on it and all these aftermarket parts..but in the end my plan is going to be extremely expensive (over $1500) and i only want to do it that way and that way only... i would like to buy a pit bike with the money because im a bike dirtbiker guy and i need a bike for my other house:grin::grin: the engine has never been run, all parts are new and have never been used before. engine has been kept in factory condition since recieved. the engine is absolutely beautiful, the casting is immaculate. the grubee gearbox has very nice casting shell, and very smooth CNC machined planetary gears. everything is very heavy duty and extremely durable, thats the only reason i bought that setup specifically. no modifications done to anything.

    so anyway, i was just wondering of anyone out there is willing to pay a flat $500 for the kit + shipping throught the united states. if you are local then it could be picked up without the shipping costs. .. i just want to get a running vehicle, im getting sick of constantly cleaning this engine that I dont use and is becoming an expensive paparweight. i would like to see this engine used on a motorbicycle as which its destiny was intended..:grin:
    PM me if you are interested or email me at Herrmanator8@yahoo.com

    Thanks, Jon:grin: