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    Hello Folks, I live in south florida and am planning on building a motorized bike for my primary form of transportation at college in a few months. I have been lurking the forums for about 3 weeks now and have decided that this is one really awesome hobby that I would like to get into. I would primarily be riding at a minimum of two miles per day, but it will most likely be more around 4-6. I have decided to use a 48cc center mount engine from Dax and a bike from walmart :
    (put periods where DOTs are to use the link)
    but i'm not sure if the engine will fit within that frame

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    Thanks for the info graucho! I hope it will fit, I did search but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of 700c style motorbikers. If anyone else could confirm or deny that it will fit please say so, I really like that bike and the price is right. Again, thanks for the info

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