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    I have an extra 20-lbs I'd like to loose, and live close enough to work I "could" bike to it (6 or 7 miles). I have a Mongoose bike I bought from SAMS a few years back that has received little use. Living in Alabama puts a damper on things, as we currently have a lot of legal hoops to jump through to be street legal. I'm going to try to ride my bicycle in a few days without a motor later this week or next, just to see if it is something I am going to enjoy.

    Oh well, I'm going to go jump into the Alabama post. I did find one blurb I wanted to share.

    It was a bill that would have given us a <50cc engine, 25MPH speed limit. If I could get a motor for my bike, and be legal I am fairly sure I would ride it every pretty day. I have no clue what happened to that Bill.

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    I got a new vintage ride on the way!

    At least I hope I do... won the auction, just have to get the shipping taken care of. Auction said it would be double the cost of the estimator, seller now says it'll be more than double it and he had no clue why the estimator low-balled it as $51.27. Being a "vechicle built in or prior to 1974" it should make it easier to register if/when I motorize it. A Bill of Sale and being old = same as having a Title for a vehicle.

    This is due to 32-8-30, and 32-8-31:
    (a) Except as provided in Section 32-8-31, every owner of a motor vehicle designated a 1975 year model, and all models subsequent thereto which is in this state and which is required to be registered under the motor vehicle laws of this state and for which no certificate of title has been issued by the department, shall make application to a designated agent as herein defined for a certificate of title to the vehicle.
    (12) A vehicle designated a 1974 year model or prior year model.

    In other words, I will not have to have a title BUT I can get a license plate, insurance - due to 7A-16 because it would no longer meet exemption criteria, etc and be STREET LEGAL IN ALABAMA!!!
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    haha that is funny, you got an old school tandem cruiser to get around the laws. that is great. What kind of engine setup are you going to put on that hoss? a torquie 4-stroke?
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    Going to ride it with the wife for a while first. I have mixed ideas, as I also have a Burley Piccolo on the way so our daughter can join us. Once she outgrows that in a few years, I will lean towards a GEBE kit like Wavy put on the rear of his tandem. I am worried the Burley Piccolo will eat up the room on the tail end (debating about a motorized front wheel). Electric on the front wheel tempts me because it would be a cleaner look and I live so close to everything that I probably would only hit the assist for inclines. I'll will consider suggestions. Since I have to go legal with it in Alabama when I put the motor on it's a Motor-Driven Cycle, I think the engine limit is 150cc or 5hp braking, total ride not weighing more than 200-lbs. I plan to weight the boxes as soon as it arrives to see how much I got to work with (not that I want to get anywhere close to 200-lbs).
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    Sorely tempted...

    GEBE's are back in stock, I am sorely tempted to cash in some bonds and get a Robin 35 for the front wheel (if it can even go on there).

    These look like some cool hubs!

    If GEBE's are still in stock when it gets here and I got it put back together, I might just order it. I got a surprise check today, WHEEE!
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    Chain drive on a multispeed Hub

    The hub links up above makes me curious if anyone has ever used one to do a chain drive on the front wheel of a bicycle. The advantage is the internal gearing in the hub itself. In essence, you would have a motor with manual gear shift capability.
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    1973 Schwinn Twinn Tandem Deluxe 5 Speed...

    ... or Ole' Blue (much easier to say) is in the process of being fixed up. I got it in last Thursday and was putting her together Thursday evening, and Friday when my neighbor introduced me to Eagletech's Neverdull ($5 a can in any automotive store). I spent the later half of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday removing rust and polishing all the Chrome (still not done). The stuff is like cotton, and worked good with my thumb nail to remove the rust (I like to finger pick my guitar, only reason I got a decent nail on it). For the bigger chunks of rust that came off, I used a piece of wood with the Neverdull. My thumb was sore all weekend, but it was worth it.

    I still have the cranks, front wheel, and rear fender to polish. I want to clean and regrease the cranks, and both wheels. I have ridden it around, and I get plenty attention from all the neighbors - an engine will only give it more attention, so I will have no choice but to go through the legal process once I mod her. In her current condition she rides better than my Mongoose, so once I get some spare tubes and a bike pump, I'm going to ride it into work. The only issues I forsee are the brakes (they're pretty weak), and the rear wheel seems to have a bump to it when I get it ~12 - 15MPH (bumps the whole frame). It has the skinny 65 PSI, S-6, 26" x 1-3/8" tires, so I may have to redo those if I add an engine - definetly have to fix the bump.
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    Hi Email you should start a thread in the picture gallery http://www.motoredbikes.com/forumdisplay.php?f=74 and in there discuss stuff about your build...if this thread falls behind you may bump it for more help k? this is the required intro section and now lots more peeps will say hello again...enjoy the ride i sure did this last weekend! Good luck on your endeavors and have a wonderful day...