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    hi everyone. i'm so happy to have found this site. i'm hoping some people could help me out. i've owned my schwinn for about 3 years now and i never even thought of the idea of putting a motor on it. but now with that gas prices been through the roof these days, it just seems to make sense. my schwinn is kinda rare though. it's a stingray but i'm pretty positive it's way bigger than the junky ones they sell at wal-mart and such. the guy i got it off of told me it was an adult edition, it's 6 foot long from the end of the frame to the end of the fork with a 24" front wheel and a 20" back. take a look at the pic and let me know if you know any more cause i don't know very much about it but i would like to.

    thanks all


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    hey Brian, welcome aboard
    I'd love to see the pic of your bike, it doesn't appear to have shown up this time
    good luck and happy motoring