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  1. bent wandere

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    Hello everybody,old fat balding cripple guy cruising around north america on a tricycle.Obviously illiterate as well. I didn't even spell my screen name correctly.Any body know how i can change it to the correct spelling?
    Don't have a motor yet but after climbing some of the mountains in eastern Tn. and Ky.,i am definately interested in checking out some of the possible options.:???:

  2. NunyaBidness

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    hey bent. welcome aboard
    I sometimes have a problem much like yours. I can speel I just can't tpye ;)
    good luck and happy motoring
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    Welcome to MBc. Got any pics of your trike?
  4. bent wandere

    bent wandere New Member

    Hi,thanx.I know what you mean.If i had only taken the typing classes they tried to make me take in high school when i was helping my girfriend study short hand..:grin:
  5. bent wandere

    bent wandere New Member

    Hi,yea i have a few .If i can find my camera and the usb cord i will try to figure out how to post a couple on here.Or maybe i will just look you up when i get in town.Headed that way now,but lots of friends and family to see between here and there.
  6. SimpleSimon

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    Let me suggest you take a look at the pics in this thread. Eastwoodo4 did a nice job, IMO.
  7. jpcourtney

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    Yep, typing's a problem. I sat next to my girlfriend and she did all of my typing for me.:grin:

    Welcome to the forum,
  8. SimpleSimon

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    C'mon, guys, typing ain't that bad. I use two fingers and my thumb on the only hand I've got, and I can hit 25-30 wpm.
  9. bent wandere

    bent wandere New Member

    Thanx for the link to the pics.
    I think i am leaning toward an electrical assit type motor.I don't want to go real fast and i want to do most of the pedaling on my own. However i would like a little oomph on some of those 10% grades i ran into in Ky.Plus it seems it would be a more simplistic approach to mounting the motor and the drive train.The units i have seen brief glimpses of ,i can mount the power unit out of the way and just have to worry about how and where to mount the motor and wiring.zonly know of one name for electrical motors ;Bionix.Are there any others you guys would prefer?
    None of this is written in stone yet tho.
    Since i am pulling about 500 pounds including myself,i am not sure about the effectiveness of the electrical motor.I also have covered about 5,500 miles and have about 150,000 to go so i want it to be available as needed..I carry 2; 30 watt solar panels but on cloudy days they are not very effective for charging....
    I really am not exited about changing my dual drive hub or my cassettes and giving up any gearing for the pedaling part...Any sugestions:???:
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  10. SimpleSimon

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    For an "old, fat, crippled guy" you have racked up some miles, and look set to rack up many, many more. You are giving me an inferiority complex here, being another old, fat, crippled guy myself.

    Are you towing a trailer? If you are, put your batteries and a small gas generator in the trailer, then hook up your motor so it feeds through a secondary drive sprocket similar to the sickbikeparts.com jackshaft arrangement, inside your pedal chain ring(s). It will leave your existing gearing intact, and allow you to feed needed power assistance through your gear train.

    These folks sell various kits: http://www.cyclone-tw.com/order.htm