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    Hello All,

    Just joined the site today, and rode my MB for the first time today!

    Rolled her out of the garage, fired her up, and had the intention to go around the block a few times which turned into a 30 minute ride around a few subdivisions here.

    I will post in the picture gallery, but I guess I took a less traveled road for my MB design. I had a new Briggs 6.5 hp engine that has been sitting around and had no use for it, SO..... I built a tow behind trailer for it and used 2" aluminum exhaust tubing to connect it onto my seat post. I am using a live axle setup BUT left out one of the keys to one of the wheels so it will turn better.

    I am 230lbs myself and it has plenty of power to get me up some steep hills here around my house. It is actually much quieter then I thought it would be. I got up to about 30+ mph on a straight away and then backed off in fear of wiping out. It handled very well I believe, attaching it to the seat post and notching the tube there kind of made for a trailer hitch that gives for a little turning.

    It is held around the seatpost with a 5/16 bolt so it can easily be removed when not needed from the bike. Just have to figure an easy way to remove the throttle cable though.....

    As I said, I will post pictures in the gallery forum.... Any thoughts will be appreciated!


  2. NunyaBidness

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    hey Steve, welcome aboard
    can't wait to see those pics
    good luck and happy motoring
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    hi; there are some nice pictures of a push trailer made of a mini bike. take out steering and install pipe run to seat post.