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  1. cookcamp

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    Hi from the top end of Australia. Not new to the forum, but it's taken a while to introduce myself. Have fitted a Gebe clone from Ebay to my Mongoose hybrid with great results. 31cc OHV 4 stroke rack mount.
    At 195cm and 110 kg, I'm amazed how this little motor can push me along.
    Have recently upped the octane rating a tad, and changed to synthetic oil, seeing my top speed increase from 43kph to 48kph.
    Have swapped the rear wheel out for a stronger one with axle nuts, as the first couldn't handle the strain, and unfortunately have had to remove rear brakes to clear the drive belt, but am looking at modifactions to frame for re mounting them. Any questions feel free. cheers Martin.

  2. KilroyCD

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    Welcome to MBc Martin! I'm not surprised at how well your engine moves you at 110kg. The engines my bikes (48cc and 138cc) move me quite well despite my weight being 20 stone!
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    Thanks for the welcome Kilroy, yes a couple of stone short of you, but still hard for me to get my head around what is basically a whipper snipper motor propelling a large bike and larger rider, at quite respectable speeds.
    Mind you, head winds and hills get the old legs pumping.
    My next project will be a frame mounted 48cc 2 stroke. So looking forward to reading the many posts regarding this set up. Cheers Martin.