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    I've been working on a few bike related projects recently so I thought I'd join.

    A couple of years ago I built a chopper out of a West Cost Chopper Bicycle(from Wal-Mart) and a 50cc 4cycle 4speed honda clone motor from a broken pocket bike.
    I had to clip and stretch the down tube and lower tube to fit the motor. The rims are from a Tomos scooter. It has an 8-ball shifter. I've swapped out the tank a few times. Currently using some moped tank purchased off ebay. The first tank was made from the sim-tank from the bicycle but it leaked. I'm hoping to build a springer front for is at some point and add some lights. It rides well for having no suspension and the frame seem to be handling the load quite well.

    I have another WCC bicycle frame that I've been riding to and from school for more than a year now that I've put a 40" springer mini-chopper fork on. I raked the frame a few months back to correct the riding position. I'm living further out from school so and having to ride alongside heavier traffic, now I'm thinking of adding an electric hub motor to the rear. I could hide batteries in a sim-tank and saddle bags.

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    those look nice

    Do you ever wonder if they need licence plates or registration since they look so much like a real chopper? I am worried that getting hassled for that would be more likely the more the bike looks like a moto.
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    They're all the same bike just different gas tanks. I've never ridden the 50cc bike on the street but imagine I would need a licence plate, lights, and such to be able to do so without hassle.
    Had an officer tell me once that as long as he could see me at least pretend to pedal a motorized bike he would probly leave me alone. But since that bike has no pedals...

    Here is a shot of my daliy driver before I raked the front. I figure I could hide a hub motor with some leather style saddlebags. I'll get some new photos of the recent mods once I find my camera.

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